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Thu, January 31, 2008
By: tothfans

After many hours of web development I present to you the new Tothfans version 2.0. This new Tothfans website code allows everyone to participate and contribute content of all sorts in a new and simpler way.

New features:
- Create galleries with images (called "image sets")
- Upload images to other people's image sets
- Post your own articles, news stories, etc. (called "posts")
- Comment on specific images, posts, image sets.
- New front page integrated forums (called "discussions")
- Avatars for your user account.

Think about it as a group contributed newsletter devoted to Alex Toth. Kinda like Wikipedia where you are the contributor. Imagine articles written by fellow tothfans discussing Toth's history, influences, etc. Everyone can contribute themselves rather than going through the hassle of sending me stuff.

Now there is one small catch to this Alex Toth website utopia - to make sure the website is not perverted and turned into a spam free-for-all, all articles go into a queue for approval before contributions appear on the site. So please be patient and allow me some time to review and approve content. My only goal is to keep the site free from spam, inappropriate content, defamation and flame wars.

If I may ask, please be brutally honest and prove some feedback to me on the website. There is still a bunch of  rough edges that need smoothing. So, If anything is confusing, broken, or just plain sucks LET ME KNOW (please).

Tothfans has always been the great website it is thanks to all the fantastic and generous participation from far and wide. So let's keep it up and content make our website the best ever.

Jeff Rose

 P.S. Your old forum Username and Password will work to log in. The system will ask you to update some small information only the first time you login in.

We're back & no more ...

Tue, October 9, 2007
By: tothfans

It's been a hard summer and fall for!

First, I had a bunch of issues with my internet hosting bandwidth going off-line multiple times, and then the company that hosts the domain name ( and also went permanently dark and unreachable.

I really thought I was going to lose domain name forever. So after a struggle of 6 days, and many phone calls and emails, is back online! Thanks and Tucows, Inc! *WHEW*

So please update any bookmarks on your site to make sure it lists . ( is gone forever)

Thanks for the understanding everyone. --jeff

Darwyn Cooke's - 'The Alex' tribute comic posted.

Tue, September 4, 2007
By: tothfans

Darwyn Cooke has sent us his comic "The Alex" which he created to honor Alex Toth. If you missed this on free comic book day, it now has a home there on tothfans.

Thanks Darwyn!

Thanks also go to John Hitchcock for engaging Darwyn to share it with the site, and to Chris Ferguson for technical support and scanning the last few pages which got garbled in the email.

Photos from the Toth Panel @ SDCC

Tue, August 21, 2007
By: tothfans

Ruben Procopio sent along some photos of the Toth panel from this year's San Diego Comic con for those who missed it.

The line-up on the panel was; Alex Gray, Jon Mefford, Mark Chiarello, Ruben Procopio, Damon Toth, Eric Toth, David Armstrong & John Hitchcock.

And if you have not yet seen the "Simplicity: The Life and Art of Alex Toth" documentary yet, do yourself a favor and go buy your copy of the Space Ghost DVD. The documentary alone makes it worth the price!

Benton Jew - collect Roy Rogers comic strip by Toth?

Mon, August 6, 2007
By: tothfans

Hey All. Benton Jew brought up a fantastic idea and challenge to all us Toth collectors - to collect Toth run ghosting Mike Ahrens on the "Roy Rogers" strip.

Benton wrote,

"A few years ago I bought an original Roy Rogers daily that Alex had ghosted for a few weeks. It would be nice to see the series of Toth-drawn ones all together online. I'd like to put out a challenge to the Tothfans to see if we can collect them all together on the site. Perhaps a folder can be put up on the "gallery" page and members can gradually add to it as the missing pieces are found. Alex apparently ghosted "Roy Roger" for Mike Ahrens between 12-19-1960 to 1-12-1961."

We already have Benton's page, plus an old scan I got from who knows where.

So are we up to the challenge? Is it possible to collect them all?

If you have scans or copies, email them to me at tothfans ~at~

Alex Toth Roy Rogers Comic Strip

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