Toth at Atlas/Seaboard - now on the stands!

Contributed by: tothfans on Thu, January 10, 2002 / 12:01am CST

Official Alex Toth website : News : Toth at Atlas/Seaboard - now on the stands!


Check out issue #16 of COMIC BOOK ARTIST magazine for another fine 'Before I Forget" letter. In this issue Alex writes about his work for Atlas/Seaboard comics in the 70's. It includes the true origin of the Toth written-and-drawn "Vanguard" story that appeared in HOT STUFF #4 and reprinted in ALEX TOTH: BLACK AND WHITE.

And just to get you started, I have posted a sketch that Alex did for Atlas/Seaboard Comics which you will not see in this issue! A "Toth Fans" exclusive! (Well sort actually came from an old issue of THE COMICS JOURNAL.).

So pick this issue up at your local comic shop or order it online @TwoMorrows Publishing.


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