The Annotated Toth

Contributed by: tothfans on Thu, April 25, 2002 / 12:04am CDT

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The cult of the Auteur rules in the film world. With the advent and mass acceptance of the DVD format, directors commentary on films has become a commonplace occurrence. These commentaries can provide more than just background on a film, instead they can provide a deep look inside the filmmakers vision and thought process as well as give the history and story behind the film.

What does all this have to do with Alex Toth and comics? Well, we all have certainly seen and read untold pages of interviews with Comic Artists and the like. Within these articles and interviews, interviewers often refer to certain stories or panels as discussion points. However, this format does not quite give the same texture and immediacy as a director's commentary on a film. But that said, there is a possible format that does gain the same level of immediacy and mirrors the "voice" of the Comic Auteur in the same way as hearing the voice of the director during a particular scene. And what is it? Well I'm getting to that... [CONTINUE]


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