The Annotated Toth - Continued

Contributed by: tothfans on Fri, April 26, 2002 / 12:04am CDT

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Dave Cook recently started a topic thread in the Forums about having Alex himself get involved here at 'Toth Fans'. Although it has not yet happened, during the discussions John Hitchcock mentioned that it would be a good idea to send Alex photocopies of pages for reference. Dave Cook responded back that he done this in the past and offered to scan these examples in to be posted here. Dave also mentioned that he made his commentary in the margins of the copies. Upon seeing the copies, it suddenly struck me that this is a great way to to see the vision of a Comic Book Auteur and Artist like Alex Toth. To me it captures the same feeling of immediacy and connection that DVD commentaries have. By looking at these pages, you can see the thought process and vision behind a page or story. And seeing Toth's destinctive lettering, I feel it really fits the "voice" and mirrors the format of the comic page.

Here is what Dave had to say about the pages; " was all just part of our friendly exchange -- I was blathering on about stuff I loved and Alex said, "send me examples so I'll know what you're talking about", so I sent him photocopies with my comments and the result is history."

So I hope I have piqued your interest You can find them under the heading "The Annotated Toth" under the Articles section of the site. Well folks what do you think? Do you want to see more? Register your interest at this Thread and let Alex know that we would love to see more like this.


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