A Community Helping Out and Gallery Update

Contributed by: tothfans on Sun, June 16, 2002 / 12:06am CDT

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-A Community Helping Out-
As reported by Steve Lieber on our Forums, Comic creator Bill Loebs and his wife are going through some very tough financial times right now, and folks all over the web are pitching in to help them get through.* Many comic pros, friends and fans are auctioning off rare items or sending donations with the full proceeds going to Bill and his wife.

Fellow Toth fans Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker are auctioning off some of their rare and prized art to the cause. Steve even put up his copy of "Alex Toth...by Design" for action on e-bay.

A paypal account has been set up for contributions and donations. You can find more details at the "Comics Journal" Forum here.

*(Ok, This may not come as news to folks who frequent many of the other forums out on the web, but I thought I would put it here in case some folks have not heard yet.)

-Gallery Update-
The Gallery grows by leaps and bounds this month thanks to Italian Toth fan Paolo Giovenale! He has a most impressive collection of original pages, model sheets and sketches. He owns some fantastic pieces of Art that I'm sure many of use would die to have in our own collection. But hey, He has shared them with us so we can all enjoy them. Check out Paolo's Collection. Thank you Paolo!


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