Annotated 'Who is Jesse Bravo?'!

Contributed by: tothfans on Sun, November 10, 2002 / 12:11am CST

Official Alex Toth website : News : Annotated 'Who is Jesse Bravo?'!


It's here!!! The first four pages of Toth's original masterpiece "Bravo for Adventure" have arrived for the 'Annotated Toth'! Toth starts with the introductory story "Who is Jesse Bravo?" that he did for the Dragon Lady Press printing. In this 'Annotated', Toth banters with Dave Cook about the filmic influences, design & fashions as well as addresses the confusion around the pages sequences, A-B-D-C!

Thanks to Toth, Dave Cook and John Hitchcock, we can see the vision behind 'Bravo'. Enjoy!


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