Thanksgiving early!

Contributed by: tothfans on Mon, December 2, 2002 / 12:12am CST

Official Alex Toth website : News : Thanksgiving early!


A grand week on the Tothfans site, just in time to be "thankful" for Thanksgiving -- a feast for the eyes and mind to beat the feasts for the stomach! Alex has done the next 17-page "dream" sequence of "Bravo for Adventure", dialoguing with ol' Dave Cook about design, free association and other assorted fun.

PLUS -- longtime Toth friends and fans Luca Biagini and Jim Vadeboncoeur have shared their collections with us. You can see their pieces of original Toth art in the "Luca Gallery" and "Vadeboncoeur Gallery".

Our thanks and mille grazie to Jim and Luca for sharing these fine pieces with us.


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