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SURVIVAL! - PAGE THREE Panel 1 directs directs us to the raft. Panel 2 shows the foot prints to show the number that was on the raft. Panel 3 Shows the emotion of the lead character. The body language is wonderful, head down, arms raised in prayer and the character on his knees. Panel 4 adjust the figure in flight. This motion really get the story moving forward. These four panels re classic storytelling. They are short panels but they get the action moving and the reader knows the lead and his changing motivation, Panel 5 - this is what I call a four part panel. From left to right, the text, the lead character, the wall, and the first figure from the raft. this creates the element thought and movement across the page. Panel 6 - close-up to show the emotion and thoughts of the lead changing to violence. the Battle for survival has replace the need for companionship. Panel 7 - This panel shows the motion of getting a weapon and strongly the need to survive. This is what is so strong in Archie's writing, the switch from companionship to fighting to protect his food supply. You really get into this guy's head very quickly. You know his motivation. Panel 8 - the act of violence the need to protect the saved food. This choice of figure position is really tasteful and really get the point across.

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