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Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : "Unre(a)l"


UNREAL! - PAGE FOUR This is a marvelous page with little or no dialog needed. And again a tribute to the golden days of the motion picture. Panel one, The confrontation of three bullies to the star character. Panel two, the choice made of showing the legs of the characters kicking the bullies in the shins to escape. Panel three, the star fighting the bullies with a keystone cop like action. And the girl behind the action looking for help in amazement. Panel four, the two characters flee and the director reminds us that this is a movie. Panel five six - seven and eight all work together as a silent picture. Panel five, the chase on the dock. Panel six the flip around the pole above to escape. Panel seven, the completed loop escape as the heels hit the drink car and all. Panel eight, the celebration. These last four panels also have the added use of the birds flying away that helps add to the motion and the movement of time. This page really displays the power of the medium and it's ability to do something that only comics can do. That is the display of the action creating the element of passing time. Brilliant, brilliant work.

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