"The Monument"

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This page really springs into action. Panel One and Two, The trap is sprung Panel Three and Four, You go back to the long horizontal panel set and with powerful results. Panel Five, This is an interesting shot of Langley and the use of his body slumped into the bed really makes it seem that he is a part of the house. Part of the landscape. Archie always told me, he was always surprised when ever one of your stories came in. He said it was always better than his layouts and better than he could have imagined. He collected your work as a fan and it was a big thrill to work with you. I also believe Goodwin was one of the few writers and editors that was an artist at heart and really understood good storytelling. I think that he was one of your best collaborators and writers. He was the kind of guy that if you changed the script any, it was fine with him if it improved the story. He had little ego in that kind of matter.

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