Postponed Honeymoon & No Love for Me Annotated

Contributed by: tothfans on Tue, August 10, 2004 / 12:08am CDT

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Looking back through time at comics done 50 years ago Toth is the only person who could really give us an insight into what it was like to draw for the comics, panel after panel, page after page, day after day. These two Lev Gleason romance stories are from Boy Loves Girl #47: "Postponed Honeymoon" (6/1954) and "Boy Loves Girl #46: "No Love for Me" (5/1954). They bring out the usual boos and hisses about green suits and inattentive coloring as well as a fond remembering of an era that Toth helped to define. The love comes through in every panel, and you can hear it in his writing as well: "Mother nature's kiss of grace does linger on." Mucho Gracias to Mr. Toth for sharing his thoughts with us.


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