New Tothfans Feature - Tributes!

Contributed by: tothfans on Wed, April 27, 2005 / 12:04am CDT

Official Alex Toth website : News : New Tothfans Feature - Tributes!


Well, this may have been bought up before, but recently fellow Tothfan Roberto Zaghi proposed the following in an e-mail to me; "How do you think about starting a gallery where artists can post their tributes to Alex?" Roberto mentions that he was inspired by the last holiday cards and though it might make a nice feature for the website. So why not? So many people have been influenced by Alex why not set up a showcase for those who want to show their appreciation. Professionals and amateurs alike please e-mail your contributions to Tothfans ^at^ And please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested in contributing. I'll post them in the gallery as I receive them. I look forward to seeing what gets sent! -- Jeff


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