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Contributed by: tothfans on Sat, March 11, 2006 / 12:03am CST

Official Alex Toth website : News : Welcome Penny Arcade Fans


For those folks from Penny Arcade who are are stopping by for the first time, you have arrived at the official Alex Toth website. (also reachable via comic books, animation and illustration. While you are here, you will see that we have an extremely comprehensive collection of Alex Toth's art. To start off, you can see a great variety in the Gallery section. Alex Toth is one of comic art and animation's great teachers. If you have seen a "super hero" cartoon from Hanna Barbera or a host of other animation companies, you have seen his art. Toth provided designs for all aspects, from characters and vehicles to everyday objects like buildings and computers. In comic books, Toth is also revered and is a huge influence. His ability to draw characters with real emotion, to position them in the panel, use black effectively and to "know what to leave out" (a famous Toth principle) are followed by comic books artists around the world. Toth's art style and approach has and continues to influence generations of artists. Here on the site you can read Alex Toth's own unique " director's commentary" like annotations of his comic book work and art. We hope you like the site and will continue to visit as well as join our forums to participate in great dialog about Alex Toth and our love of comic books, animation and art in general. And stop by every day for a new Alex Toth comic book page. Welcome everyone!


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