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By: Dave Cook Alex Toth was known for a dynamic minimal style that was the envy of every emerging graphic artist and many seasoned professionals. His style is often described in the jargon of graphic artists as “good” which actually means superlative and exemplary, top-notch, clean, perhaps even perfect – what most artists from the Fifties through the Nineties would associate as the ideal commercial style of The Famous Artists School of illustrators, and that makes sense considering Toth’s consistent admiration for Albert Dorne and Robert Fawcett and Noel Sickles, illustrators whose work in magazines such as LIFE, LOOK and Collier’s defined the ideal for illustration in the post-war and “Baby Boom” years. Toth (pronounced with a long “o” sound like both), born June 25, 1928, in New York City to Hungarian immigrants...Read the Alex Toth biography


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