Remembering Alex Toth @ the San Diego Comic-con

Contributed by: tothfans on Sun, July 9, 2006 / 12:07am CDT

Official Alex Toth website : News : Remembering Alex Toth @ the San Diego Comic-con


The details of the memorial panel are now available on the San Diego Comic-con website: "6:00-7:30 Remembering Alex Toth— This unique artist was one of the true innovators in both the comic book and animation worlds. Alex died this May. To celebrate his life and career, his friends and colleagues share memories of his work and life. Join Golden Age legend and Toth mentor Irwin Hasen (Green Lantern, Wildcat), inker and Disney artist Mike Royer (Winnie the Pooh), internationally renowned sculptor and animator Ruben Procopio (The Little Mermaid, The Lion King), Disney animator Tom de Rosier (Mulan, Tarzan), author/publisher of the Toth book Dear John, John Hitchcock, and two of Alex’s four children: son Eric Toth (international automotive designer) and daughter Dana Palmer (photographer). The panel will be moderated by Toth’s long-time friend and AACC president, David Armstrong. There will be a display of original artwork commemorating Toth’s distinctive artistic vision on Sunday at the Omni San Diego Hotel Room 5, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Room 4" I have started a discussion thread in the forums here.


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