Toth Biography due in October

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Official Alex Toth website : News : Toth Biography due in October


Alec Stevens posted this on the topic of the Toth Biography,

"Here's what Dean Mullaney had to say to Newsarama this month on the topic:

Mullaney: We're in the midst of a sprawling biography of Alex Toth, titled Genius, Isolated and due out in October. We view it as sort of a bookend to our 2008 Scorchy Smith & The Art of Noel Sickles, which I think would tickle Alex, since he was such a huge Sickles fan.

We're working with the approval and support of the Toth family, and in addition to detailed coverage of Alex's life story, we'll be presenting many rare or never-before-seen visuals, as well as complete reprints of several of his stories. We're excited to be offering readers new insights into the mind of Alex the man, and fresh, full-color examples of the work of Alex the artist's artist. "



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