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Contributed by: tothfans on Tue, August 17, 2010 / 9:08pm CDT

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With my new post of Toth's primer on TV Animation 'TV Cartoons',  I thought I would look for a few Toth cartoons online tonight.

There is no shortage of them on Youtube, etc. A few  'Space Ghost And Dino Boy' Cartoons are online @ So I thought I would start there. Unfortunately, the plots on these cartoon are non-existent, dull and the designs have been watered down by nameless animators, but the clever Toth character, creature and other designs can still be sussed out. The plots fall so far from the high-water mark that Hanna-Barbera achieved with Jonny Quest that it is really sad. You can see why Toth got frustrated with the industry.

But HB shows like these clearly stood out to many of us as children. I have heard from modern animators that these shows were monumental influences that they have brought into modern cartoons. So if you have a few minutes see if you can spot Toth’s vision.



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