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Started by: tothfans on: Fri, June 13, 2008

OK, Back in 1985 when Alex Toth was the guest of honor at the AcmeCon in Greensboro, NC, Alex agreed to do some sketches for the fans who asked.

Well, the markers Alex brought with him were dry and wouldn't work, so he told me to make a list of every one who wanted a sketch. About 15 people signed up, you could pick the topic, and the sketches would be $20 apiece. Anyway, Danny McGill had talked to Alex at length about Dolly Parton in a swimsuit, underwater. You can get the drift.

So about four days later a package showed up with all these terrific drawings addressed to the people who asked for them and Alex told us the convention could have the money made from the sketches. What a nice guy!

Attached is the sketch Alex did for Danny.

John Hitchcock

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