collectingfool wrote in Official Alex Toth website
Tue, August 5, 2008 - 4:04 pm CDT

This Guy Smoking Crack?

For those that haven't been on eBay this week, check this puppy out:

OK, so it's a nice splash. BUT, he says Alex colored it himself. How he would come to this conclusion I have no idea.

The piece had been attached to foam core and subsequently pulled off. That's why the back is covered in dried glue.

The piece was LAMINATED! He erroneously says in the description a restorer can remove the lamination. Every one I ever spoke to said they couldn't.

The page has been TRIMMED. In my opinion, this was done to remove it from the foam core it was laminated to in the first place.

All this for just $14,999.99.



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