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Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : "Survival!"


SURVIVAL! - PAGE FIVE Panel 1 - The grouping of characters in a way hides their identity. One with back to us. Panel 2 - Extreme close-up of one of angry man. Head at slight tilt. Panel 3 - Panel angle of the weapon being fired at the goop with figures falling. Panel 4 - a last figure struggling to get up the figure is hunched on all fours. Panel 5 - The act of violence of the lead striking the figure with the rifle throwing the figure to the right. Panel 6 - Brilliant use of body language of the lead character diving on the falling victim. The figure lying with the head away from the viewer with the arms diving down upon him. Panel 7 - This is an abstract image to me, but it is a struggle made much closer, more personal view. It really gets the point across of the power and thru domination of the the fight.

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