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Official Alex Toth website : The Annotated Toth : "Unre(a)l"


UNREAL! - PAGE SIX This page is where the hard work of storytelling is very difficult to show in six pages. This deserved more space to play out but as usual, Alex pulls it off beautifully. Panels one, two, three and four, run across the page setting up the story finish. Panels five, six, seven and eight, continue the discovery of the lead character secret. Panels nine, ten, eleven and twelve, continue to show the story climax that the man was a robot. Panel thirteen finishes the story. I believe this story is one of Alex's finest. And the last page, although a little crowded, is still brilliant in its design. It creates a mood that carries the finish well. As I have said before, no one could have pulled this story off any better that Alex. Well, did I put my foot in my mouth again or what? Well what did you expect? Same ol same ol... Thanks again for doing this and please do not beat yourself up anymore. Your work is just brilliant and you deserve all the positive feedback. So enjoy it for a change. I hope to talk with you soon. What? You should have known by now this wasn't a free deal, you have to put up with me. Hope all is well,

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