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Remembering Alex Toth - Part 1 (of 3)

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, September 18, 2006 / 12:09am CDT in News

The first of a three part transcript of the "Remembering Alex Toth" panel at the San Diego Comic-con is now available.

The panel featured close friends and family, David Armstrong (moderator), Irwin Hasen, Dana Palmer, Eric Toth, Mike Royer, Paul Power, Rubén Procopio, John Hitchcock and Tom de Rosier. It is

"The Alex Toth Doodle book" now in stores

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, July 26, 2006 / 12:07am CDT in News

"The Alex Toth Doodle book" by Alex Toth and John Hitchcock, published by Jeff Parker's Octopus Press arrived in stores today, Wednesday, July 26th.

The book is filled with never before seen Toth art, musings, annotations and interview answers.

Sold out? Can't find it? - you can order one from John himself. He'll even sign it for you

Toth: The Comics Journal #277

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, July 25, 2006 / 12:07am CDT in News

Now on the shelves, The Comics Journal #277.

In this Issue:
* Alex Toth Dies at 78:
by Jesse Hamm (Yes, the very same long time fellow Tothfan here on the site.)
* Alex Toth:
An appreciation and an assessment by Howard Chaykin
* A Conversation with Alex Toth:
by Gary Groth

Quick Update: Remembering Alex Toth @ Alex Toth @ the San Diego Comic-con.

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, July 23, 2006 / 12:07am CDT in News

For those waiting, a report of the "Remembering Alex Toth" panel will be coming in a few days. We will have photographs of the event as well as a write up.

For those who are here in San Diego, a reminder that you can see a unique display of Toth's original artwork Sunday, July 23rd from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Omni San Diego Hotel (Room 5: fourth floor).

Remembering Alex Toth @ the San Diego Comic-con

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, July 9, 2006 / 12:07am CDT in News

The details of the memorial panel are now available on the San Diego Comic-con website:

"6:00-7:30 Remembering Alex Toth— This unique artist was one of the true innovators in both the comic book and animation worlds. Alex died this May. To celebrate his life and career, his friends and colleagues share memories of his work

Alex Toth Biography

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, July 3, 2006 / 12:07am CDT in News

By: Dave Cook

Alex Toth was known for a dynamic minimal style that was the envy of every emerging graphic artist and many seasoned professionals. His style is often described in the jargon of graphic artists as “good” which actually means superlative and exemplary, top-notch, clean, perhaps even perfect – what most artists from the Fifties through the Nineties would associate as the

Remembrances of Alex Toth

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, June 26, 2006 / 12:06am CDT in News


- Alex Toth remembrance by Dave Cook

- Remembrance tribute drawing by Aron Arocho

- Remembrance tribute drawing by

Alex Toth: June 25, 1928 - May 27, 2006

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 28, 2006 / 12:05am CDT in News

Tothfans Forum

DEAR JOHN-The Alex Toth Doodle Book

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, May 20, 2006 / 12:05am CDT in News

$19.99 for 256 pages of rare Toth art? Yes, coming up in June 2006 you can pre-order John Hitchcock's "DEAR JOHN-The Alex Toth Doodle Book" from Octopus Press at your local comic shop.

Here is a bit from the Diamond catalog description, "A new look inside the mind of one of comics' greatest creators! This collects 20 years worth of doodles,

New in May - Tributes and Space Ghost model sheets

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, May 13, 2006 / 12:05am CDT in News

Tothfans has received some new tributes this month of Toth's own "The Fox" by J. Christopher Greulich and a keen "Zorro" by Dave Cook.

Also not to be missed, Aron Arocho sent us a load of Space Ghost model

Welcome Penny Arcade Fans

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, March 11, 2006 / 12:03am CST in News

For those folks from Penny Arcade who are are stopping by for the first time, you have arrived at the official Alex Toth website. (also reachable via

All new Alex Toth Tributes

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, March 1, 2006 / 12:03am CST in News

We have some new Alex Toth tributes for the site from Federico Zilli, Paul Smith & Franck Biancarelli.

Franck's mentioned that his tribute is "..a song's adaptation : '

Interesting quote

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, January 28, 2006 / 12:01am CST in News

"You know you've achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away."
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Alex Toth

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, December 19, 2005 / 12:12am CST in News

Alex Toth has his first ever "One Man Art Show" running Sterling Collage Art Gallery from November 1st 2005-January 31st 2006. The show put on by Dave Cook and his students to help expose new people to Toth's work.

So in order to give it a more permanent "virtual home", Dave has sent scans of the pieces to be displayed here

The Case of the Curious Classic Anotated

      Contributed by:tothfans on Fri, December 2, 2005 / 12:12am CST in News

It's the "AnnoToth" we've all been waiting for, The Case of the Curious Classic". Josh B. Malks, editor of the Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg Newsletter, has offered to publish an article with 4 pages of color commemorating Alex's "casting" of the Cord in several stories. Dave Cook sent "The Case of the Curious Classic" to Toth saying, "Hey, we haven't

      Contributed by:tothfans on Thu, November 10, 2005 / 12:11am CST in News

Tothfans 4th anniversary

      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, October 10, 2005 / 12:10am CDT in News

October celebrates our 4th anniversary of! And what better way to celebrate than a birthday package loaded with images for the Gallery and a new Tribute? And some fresh things for The Page Of the Day! The Toth proves he still has it in the new millennium as artwork from 2000 thru 2005

June Tributes!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Tue, July 19, 2005 / 12:07am CDT in News

A new batch of has arrived for June. This month we have tributes from Marco Fodera, Scott James and Franck Biancarelli.

Check out their Batman, Space Ghost and Comic pages in the


      Contributed by:tothfans on Mon, June 6, 2005 / 12:06am CDT in News

Welcome, Alex Toth, to your own official web site!

Tribute Updates!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sat, May 28, 2005 / 12:05am CDT in News

The tributes keep rolling in. And from what I have heard, Toth appreciates them!

Scott James sends us a pair of "Toth inspired" illustrations including Toth's famous "Fox" character as well as "Torpedo" in color.


New Tributes!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 15, 2005 / 12:05am CDT in News

Two more new tributes! This week we have added art from Aaron Arocho and Dave Cook.

Aaron's goal was to, " pay a small portion back for what he's meant to his admirers. It took me a while to come up with a sketch that served its purpose in paying tribute to Mr. Alex Toth."

First Tribues added!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 8, 2005 / 12:05am CDT in News

Well folks, the first few tributes have been added to the Tribues Gallery. We have a fine pair from Nicolas Blocteur of Jesse Bravo and The Fox! Greg Gates sent along a "..recent example of my always Toth-inspiired work" from "Jane Digby". Thanks guys!

New Tothfans Feature - Tributes!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Wed, April 27, 2005 / 12:04am CDT in News

Well, this may have been bought up before, but recently fellow Tothfan Roberto Zaghi proposed the following in an e-mail to me; "How do you think about starting a gallery where artists can post their tributes to Alex?"

Roberto mentions that he was inspired by the last holiday cards and though it might make a nice feature for the


      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, May 8, 2005 / 12:05am CDT in News

Send wishes to Alex for the Holidays!

      Contributed by:tothfans on Sun, March 6, 2005 / 12:03am CST in News

In Today’s world, it is sometimes hard to take the time to slow down and reflect on what is most important; friends and family. I sure know that I fall behind on this. But at this time of year, we all have an excuse to take that time and remember to send greetings and spend time with friends and family. In that spirit we of course have the 3rd annual Holiday card for Alex.

So for the